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Jeff Hijlkema

Conservatorium, ArtEZ
Zwolle, The Netherlands
Education, learning and innovation in general.
The balanced collaboration between imagination and rationality.
Experiencing the unique and irreplaceable power of music
Wednesday, April 19

1:00pm CEST

3:45pm CEST

6:00pm CEST

Thursday, April 20

9:00am CEST

10:00am CEST

10:15am CEST

10:45am CEST

11:15am CEST

11:30am CEST

12:00pm CEST

12:30pm CEST

2:00pm CEST

2:30pm CEST

3:00pm CEST

3:30pm CEST

4:00pm CEST

5:00pm CEST

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