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Michael Pabst-Krueger

Bundesverband Musikunterricht e.V.
Michael Pabst-Krueger
President of the German Music Teacher Association “Bundesverband Musikunterricht e.V.” (BMU)
Lecturer at the University of Music Lübeck (MHL) with a focus on making music in classrooms
Chair of the EAS-Platform of Music Teacher Associations (MTAs)
= Everybody who likes to support this new platform is invited to the meeting on Thursday, 10.15-12.30 and to the presentation and discussion on Saturday, 10.30-12.00
Wednesday, April 19

9:00am CEST

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Thursday, April 20

8:45am CEST

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Friday, April 21

8:30am CEST

9:00am CEST

11:30am CEST

2:30pm CEST

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6:15pm CEST

8:00pm CEST

Saturday, April 22

8:45am CEST

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12:15pm CEST