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Angelika Holzer (AUT)

University College of Teacher Education Styria
Graz AUT
I love to bring together different people and accompany them. Getting them involved in making music or dancing often offers very enriching and fulfilling experiences. When we are in the moment and in mutual connection, something wonderful happens.

I studied “Elemental Music and Dance Education” at the Carl Orff Institute, University Mozarteum Salzburg with a focus on „Music and Dance in Social Work and Integrative Education” and at the University of Granada (Spain). DanceAbility Teacher since 2004. Master’s thesis: “DanceAbility – Methode und Philosophie des inklusiven tanzpädagogischen Ansatzes”.
I worked as an educator with children aged one until fourteen (1999-2004) and music therapist for people with disabilities (2009/10). Since 2010 professor for Music and Dance Education at the University College of Teacher Education Styria; lectures and workshops on topics of integrated music and dance education.