Marina Gall (GBR)

University of Bristol
Senior Lecturer in Education (Music)
I am a board member of the EAS. In this role I oversee the work of Young EAS (Student Forum, Doctoral Student Forum and Young Professional work). I am also a co-ordinator of one of the Special Focus Groups (SFG)s: Digital Tools in Music Education (DigiTiME).

In England I work in music teacher education (training) for secondary school music teachers. My main research focus is young people and music technology for creative purposes. My current work is within a large-scale project called Getting Things Changed (Tackling Disabling Practices: Co-production and Change)
[see http://www.bristol.ac.uk/sps/gettingthingschanged/ ].

In this project I am exploring the ways in which new music technological instruments enable young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEN/D) to engage in music making. I am presenting on this in Salzburg at 2pm on Friday.

I'd be very interested to hear from people from other countries about music work with young people with disabilities.

Manfred Scheid and I, as co-ordinators of the Special Focus Groups 'Digital Tools in Music Education' (DigiTiME), are also looking forward to discussing technology in the music classroom as part of your presentations and also in the Open Space on Friday at 6.15pm.